The Corvette ZHZ Registry is a site dedicated to connecting ZHZ Owners and Fans together.  The main goal of the site is to educate people about this rare and beautiful limited edition of the Corvette C6.  The 2008 and 2009 ZHZ's were the first Corvettes specially made for Hertz.  Specially made Hertz sports cars in the past have sold for serious money.   So naturally this site is also dedicated to increasing the value and awareness of the rare line of ZHZ's.  Over time ZHZ's will need restoration, special replacement parts that will be difficult to find.  Take for instance the custom embroidered ZHZ logo on the center console of the car.  The replacement accessories will simply not be available through main stream accessory retailers.  Working together ZHZ owners, can share information, resources, potential suppliers, and tips on how to care for and maintain the few ZHZs in existence.

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